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After 18 years of serving Harrison,
we're still excited about providing
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The Best...
When we opened our doors in the early 1990s we knew that we wanted to provide Harrison with a healthy alternative at prices the community could afford. Since then our customers have made it clear that we’re moving in the right direction, so as we continue to grow our aim remains the same: to offer the best service and the best products at the best prices.

Who We Are
While the Nature’s Wonders family is large and includes our staff, suppliers and our loyal customers, there is a core team that leads decisions and ensures that our all customers are getting the service they need. Since opening our doors in 1994, the store has been a family-owned, family-managed business. Today, Bethene, her son Frank, his son Chris and Chris’s wife Michelle continue to make decisions based on the values that have proved to be even more needed today than they were 18 years ago. 
“What could be more important than your health? Our goal is to make healthy living affordable for everyone. We are proud to announce that we are members of Healthy Advantage & Natural Solutions. That means deeper discounts every month. Look for the sale cards each month. Come to Nature’s Wonders and see how affordable healthy eating can be!”  ~Michelle

Michelle and Chris Rost

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We understand. We like to get all the information we can too. A good start is to visit our Facebook Page where we post regular updates on products or the store or health news in general. Make sure to “LIKE” us so we can keep you informed. If you have specific questions for us please send an email and we’ll be sure to respond quickly. Finally, we welcome you to come in and talk with us at the store any time.


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